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Own the experience by marketing in context with the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) and ECD.

‘The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) allows you to provide an anonymous website visitor with a targeted, personal experience.’

Connect to anonymous website visitors like never before and convert them to customers.

Sitecore offers web content management, commerce, and digital marketing in one platform. Sitecore empowers you to market in the context of current and past customer interactions with your brand, across any channel and in real time.

ECD Digital is a proud Sitecore partner in Asia Pacific. By leveraging the power of the Sitecore Experience Platform, we enable you to own the experience and market in context throughout your brands’ customer life cycle.

ECD can help you draw on data from any source, including web analytics, commerce, in store and CRM. Sitecore Experience Platform can dynamically build personalised experiences and unique content offerings across, email, mobile, social, commerce and the web.

By connecting marketing, sales and service with customers through engaging experiences and value at every potential touch point, we deliver a competitive advantage for our clients. 

ECD has extensive experience in delivering successful Sitecore Experience Platform builds and maximising value for clients with existing instances. 

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Use power of marketing in context for competitive advantage.

Our insights help you create and optimise contextual customer experiences at scale. Powered by customer analytics and data, the Sitecore Experiencet Platform enables us to automate the delivery of:

  • Customer and Contextual Intelligence - gather, combine, and analyse information about how each individual customer has interacted with your brand, both in real time and historically. The platform provides a 360-degree customer view down to the individual level. Rules-based and behavioural targeting, A/B and multivariate testing, goal tracking, and visitor path analysis provides you the information you need about your customers.
  • Website content management - Manage digital content at scale, in multiple languages and across multiple sites including in-session personalisation, display-agnostic optimisation and templates for accelerated page builds. This allowing you to have more relevant content ready for any device or media type

  • Onmichannel Automation – Automatically deliver your content to any device, on any channel, right when your customer needs it.

ECD can help you create a more personalised customer experience.

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