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Who says Elephants Can’t Dance?

We thought about what our company was going to stand for and what it was going to offer it's clients, the ability to quickly, nimbly and expertly deliver data driven, customer centric digital solutions, something we think many big organisations are struggling to do because of their size and rigid processes.

Company buildings

Naming a business.

Louis Gerstner Jr took over a near bankrupt IBM struggling with a culture that was out of date and missing out on the technology boom that it's competitors were enjoying.  Being such a behemoth of a company it was thought IBM was too big to change, to overcome bureaucracy and become a nimble customer focused organisation.

Abstract building design

But through Gerstner's brilliance there was a spectacular turnaround that allowed IBM to become the company it is today. Gerstner proved that elephants can indeed dance. We found that to be inspirational enough and close enough to what we want to achieve for our clients, that we named our business after it.